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Community is at the core of our culture at Cocoon. We strive to create deep and meaningful partnerships with local businesses and organizations. Our goal is to act as a space to feature and uplift our talented and passionate partners while providing the highest quality programming for our community. We deeply evaluate every company we come into partnership with, by making sure they align with Cocoon's high ethical standards, ensuring that our cultures vibe!

The Movement Creative
The Movement Creative is our resident parkour movement partner. Jesse Danger, co-founder of The Movement Creative was one of the first practitioners of parkour in the United States, finding the discipline in 2004. He immediately connected with the underlying philosophy of "be strong to be useful," and brought that into every aspect of my life. His vision as a teacher is to help others embrace and be comfortable with self-growth through perpetual self-challenge. He believes in being present to the challenges life presents to you and in being strong enough to create the mental, physical, social, and temporal environments that will help you positively grow.

NORY is our resident STEAM educator partner and Cocoon is NORY's only after school location. NORY was founded by two dads committed to nurturing the wave makers. It all started with a single question, "what do we want our own children to do?"

Fail and dream fearlessly,
Ask "Why" relentlessly, and
Connect with others authentically.

This translates to the three soft-skills: resilience, inquisitiveness, and empathy. These are the fundamental skills to thrive in the ever-changing world. All NORY programs take the project-based, experiential learning approach to develop these soft skills. If you want your child to design the future, rather than follow it, join us.

Soul Flow House
Soul Flow House is our resident music partner. Kelsey Rodriguez and Juan Sanchez are the founders of Soul Flow House, a creative community that awakens the inner artist in every human and amplifies their unique voice in the world. Partners in life and in music, their passion is giving people (children and adults alike!) the tools to use music as a means to connect with others, raising the vibration of the world one song at a time.

Overlay Office
Overlay Office is our space design partner. Overlay Office is a practice that layers innovative design, development and project management. The work places an emphasis on experimentation with the interplay between geometry, materiality, color and perception to create unique spatial and volumetric experiences.

Abigail Coover, founder and director of Overlay Office has been building as an architectural designer and project manager in New York City, San Francisco and beyond for over 18 years. Abigail received her Masters of Architecture from Yale. Her work and writings have been published in the New York Times, Wired, Metropolis, Tarp, and Project and exhibited at The Druker Gallery, the A+D Museum, the Yale Architecture Gallery, One Night Stand, and the New York Center for Architecture. Along with Nathan Hume, Abigail is also a partner at HumeCoover Studio and co-creator and editor of, a website that reviews the work of contemporary artists, architects, and designers who offer the stunningly unexpected. Abigail has previously taught architectural design as a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and as a critic at the Yale School of Architecture. She is currently Adjunct Associate Professor at Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

Taryn Urushindo
Cocoon's signage at our flagship Tribeca location was skillfully ceated by Taryn. Taryn’s aesthetic is heavily influenced by both the Arizona desert landscape of her childhood and natural materials, dyes, and organic processes. As each textile is crafted, it becomes balanced and naturally reminiscent of the two worlds, creating a harmonious, wabi-sabi style.

Crochet was first introduced to Taryn at age 7, mentored by a 70 year old crochet and craft artist at the after school daycare. First learning granny squares made of scrap yarns, Taryn quickly became interested in different materials, shapes and forms. Today, Taryn’s crocheted art is not predetermined. The process is lead by intrinsic motivations, allowing the next material or color to flow based on an idea and continues as stitches come together. The initial inspiration is present in each piece but has fluidly evolved into a one-of-a kind, organic art form with undefinable texture and depth. Materials are hand cut and ripped to reveal the beauty of the raw exposed “modernized yarns”. Taryn teaches workshops to students of all ages. She is based in Brooklyn.

Moss Boss
Moss Boss was commissioned to custom create our beautiful live moss installations organically "grown" throughout our space. The Moss Boss is actually Adzi -- an artist and former MRI Technician, who developed his company after an inspirational trip to mossy Scotland. He loves moss, but also couldn’t be held responsible for keeping plants alive. As a result, he found preserved moss as a great alternative. MossBoss NYC uses non-toxic preserved moss that is maintenance free and lasts for years. These unique wall hangings bring the outdoors in without the need to water, fertilize, or sunlight. They are cultivated, cleaned and preserved from Oregon. The company is proudly LGBTQ+ Friendly.

Cocoon's climbing net structures were all custom designed and intricately hand-woven by Treeweaves. Would you rather be in a tree? Reading a book, listening to the birds sing? Treeweaves are custom nets that are expertly hand-woven into the topography of your backyard, side yard, forest, or favorite hideaway. They are intricately detailed, professionally rigged, custom made, and tree safe. With headquarters based in Asheville, NC, treeweaving project managers work throughout the US in Boulder, CO, Austin, TX, and throughout California.

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Image from Cocoon: A Home for Families
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