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It's a parent party

We’re friends first, founders second.

Image from Cocoon: A Home for Families
Where is the support for new parents?

This is the question from which Cocoon grew. During their years living in Singapore, Karl and Megan noticed a trend: new parents were socially and systematically supported as they crossed the threshold into family life. Whole hospitals were dedicated to postpartum care and friends visited in droves, bringing food (and distraction!). Family meant community. Meanwhile, most new parents in the States are totally alone from day one.

The Founding Families
Karl, Megan, Jenny, and Tony were introduced through their kids.
Karl Chong
I used to surf until I had kids. Now you’re more likely to find me surfing spreadsheets!
Megan Lucas-Chong
I believe the best things in life are free—and by that I mean sleep!
Jenny Lo
I once hiked for 7 days in the Andean mountains, through blood, sweat and tears—it was a glorious journey. Yeah, parenthood feels like that.
Tony Yu
I’m the youngest of seven kids, and every meal was like a feast. Don’t be surprised that I never turn down food!
Solving a problem

Back in the U.S., Megan and Karl met Jenny and Tony—while their kids were going to the same preschool—and got talking. As we got to know each other, we learned we faced very similar challenges: a lack of community, peer-to-peer connection, and new baby support. And in New York City? Space was hard to find.

Image from Cocoon: A Home for Families
Image from Cocoon: A Home for Families

We dreamed up Cocoon as a home for families to navigate all their joys and challenges—together.

Safer than ever

When the pandemic hit halfway through building our space in Tribeca, we knew we had to get back to the drawing board. With school out, parents were hurting for help. So we took all necessary steps to ensure we could still open on time and take the pressure off—while putting control back in the hands of our families.

Read about our COVID-19 guidelines here.

Image from Cocoon: A Home for Families
We're a safe space

For the whole you.

When we had kids, we felt like we had to put our interests on the back burner to do a ‘good job’ raising them. Especially in New York, it was hard to find kid-friendly places where we could nurture ourselves, too—where we could learn a new language, have a playdate, or get some work done.

In their words

“I love all things children- and family-focused! There’s a special place in my heart for supporting first time parents, and I am SO excited to teach, learn, and grow with the Cocoon community!”


Lucy Perrotta

Before and After Baby Coordinator, Doula, Educator

Image from Cocoon: A Home for Families
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